Restaurant Tour – Koreana Barbecue Buffet

Hi everyone….. Today, let us take another tour to one of our favourite place to eat here at New Zealand………….If you are craving for a “buffet of barbeque” like eat all you can, grilled all you can, this is the best restaurant for you. For a very reasonable price of 18.00 NZ Dollar per head for adults and  one dollar per age of your child, you can grill / barbeque all you can. if you are like me who love to cook by yourself, this is the place to be. Ofcourse please don’t waste food and consume only what you can eat because this restaurant is the cheapest Korean barbeque of them all. The buffet consist of several kinds of meat, whether you like it marinated or plain meat, cooked stuff like korean side dish, noodles and other dishes. The ambience is fair as I suggest you to wear your comfortable dress because after leaving the restaurant you will taste and smells like barbeque…..LOL

The name of the restaurant is KOREANA BARBEQUE BUFFET and they are located at 12 beresford St, Auckland City, NZ / Phone 09-3021221………



About nors

a simple person who loves to cook!! ride with me as we explore ........"a journey to different cuisines"

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