Restaurant Tour – Buffalo Restaurant (Steak House)

Buffalo Restaurant…………Everytime we had a special occasion and we are craving for steak or grilled dishes, we go here at Buffalo Restaurant. The price is very reasonable and the serving portion is huge enough to satisfy an empty stomach of a man. probably good for sharing for woman. (but not my wife-because she eat a lots-LOL)…The picture above is their 400-500g ramp steak valued at 23.00 dollar. but since we had a buy one get one voucher on which you can find at the back of supermarket receipt. I get two ramp steak for the price of one. You can also find the voucher in leading newspapers and magazines. The menu is priced from 15-25 dollar. and best of all their kid’s meal is only 12 dollar complete with a drink and a dessert. ………..

They are located at:

Buffalo Bar & Grill,

3 Northcroft St, Takapuna, North Shore. Auckland, New Zealand Phone 09-4898615



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  1. Oh that looks really good and what a bargain! Hm..does your wife know that you are blogging about her eating a lot? Lol.

  2. Looks outstanding! And I’m with your lovely wife!!! My husband thought, when we were first dating, that he’d likely get to finish off what I’d ordered (especially if it was a large portion of something he really liked), but he learned in a hurry that I eat practically *everything* except the forks and knives, and even if I’m a little slower than he is, he’ll go hungry if he sits around hoping for a bite off *my* plate!! 🙂

  3. hehehe…you are funny my babe…

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