Restaurant Tour – China-Hongkong Cantonese Restaurant

One of our favourite hongkong – chinese cantonese restaurant here in Auckland. I always told my wife, of all the chinese restaurant we have been, this is the best. Aside from being the cheapest of them all, this place offer a huge serving with a very reasonable price on their menu. And best of all you can bring your own wine absolutely free. You just have to be 21 yearold and over. The interior is fair as most of cantonese restaurant doesn’t really rely on the interior facade. Do you know how much and cheap I spend when I celebrate my birthday here last two years ago? You wont believe it, for 14 people, dinner courses consisting of soup, noodles, vegetable dishes, soya chicken, pork barbeques, steamed fish and bowls of rice. Just a 100 bucks. Believe it or not? you just have to know hot to mix and match their menus………….

They are located at:
Hongkong and Chinese Cantonese Restaurant
64 Mokoia Rd
North Shore City

09-480 1168



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  1. Hi Nors! Great post. Sana next time, if you have time, to also include your recommended dishes. 😀 More power!

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