…….wondering whos in the kitchen???

….It’s me, NORS….I am a Chef, I have been in the industry for a while…to help me with, I have a wife named lea – she’ll be my purchaser and will be responsible for selecting the freshest and finest ingredients…

……what can you expect from this food blog???

….Probably the recipe I will share to you guys are the food I created and learned from different establishment that I worked with… When I was a student, I became a Chef trainee on a Hotel’s patisserie and bakery department..I will do some breads, sweets, pies and baking….then I worked on a Sandwich Bar & Deli, So you can expect some Gourmet sandwiches, panini’s, appetizers and deli’s here. I also worked in an Italian restaurant, I will be featuring some pasta, pizza, risotto and many more…and in a Banquet and catering division, I will try give you some set menu and buffet recipe’s….and since I also worked in a coffee shop, I will be featuring some hot & cold coffee drinks and other specialty beverages…then worked in a Japanese restaurant, the menu include hot & cold dishes such as sushi & sashimi, don buri, tempura, teppanyaki, misono and more…..I also worked overseas….we’ll have a little tour in asian recipes and more on my country’s cuisine – Philippines…and at present, I am in a European cafe…..and above all, my wife specialty home cooking…..

…to give you a little twist, I will try to include some health features on what food we are eating..as muh as I could, I promise to bring you 3 to 5 recipe each week..(coz I will be having my day-off on weekends,,hehehe) …. this recipe are yours free of charge, you can try it at home, print and share it to your friends, .. if so, please let me know and I will be happy to hear your feedback….Enjoy!!!

…I am not a good photographer but I will try to give my best shot for every recipe I will make….

  1. Wonderful blog Nors 🙂 I love the health aspect that you highlight !

  2. thanks….eat healthy and stay fit!!!

  3. Greetings. This is my first time on your blog, but you have a terrific one. I am always on the look out for new blogs, new ideas. I especially appreciate all the details you do, makes it seem like anyone can replicate the recipe!

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    Always in need of trained chef recipes

    Please take a look. If you have any ideas or questions, please do not hesitate to write


    • Hi dave..thank you for your interest on my food blog…Yes I would love to post my recipes on your erecipe cards…but to be honest, I dont know what to do and where to start..I am new to the blogging community…please let me know..thanks!!!

  4. eto pla blog mo prekoy

  5. Nors, you have so much food here! And you know so many different types of foods! Wow! I bet your belly and your tastebuds are always so happy! A big hello to your wife! Home cooking is the best!

  6. Thank you jennifer…..Since I start this blog, I think I gain weight (huhuhuhu), I agree with you, nothing beats home cooking, to be honest, its not really the recipe that matters most, its the passion, desire and love on the things you do…especially when we cook!!! A big hello to your husband as well!!!

  7. Sir, I am amazed at the breadth and depth of your culinary repertoire and your experience. I know I will enjoy learning a LOT from you!

  8. Hey Nors! Thanks for subscribing! 🙂

    I love your blog!

  9. your welcome kat….love your blog too, we can share great ideas, enjoy and learn…thanks!!!

  10. Hooray…Thanks for stopping by yesterday, I will definately be watching your blog. Your post today looks fabulous. yum!!! Lucky wife!

  11. Hi Nors,
    What a nice food blog. Thanks for subscribing to mine, although I haven’t got anything like your collection of goodness! I’m gonna try your new chicken recipe tonight. 🙂

  12. hi kathy…..please let me know once you tried it…thanks you too..have a great one!!!!

  13. I’m excited to more recipe and food Nors!

    I saw that you just subscribed to Her Umbrella recently and am so excited to have you on board! I came here to try and find your e-mail so I could add you to my subscriber list from when I move my blog over to a self-hosted site and I can keep all my subscribers with me! if you could – would you send me a quick e-mail letting me know at grace.lynne.fleming@gmail.com 🙂 Can’t wait to hear from you!

    • hi grace….I am excited as well reading your post…I will send you my email add. have a great one. lets share, have fun, learn and enjoy!!!!

  14. Thanks for following my blog Nors. You may be interested to know that I also write a meat free blog at sweetpumpkins.com – stop by and take a look. Your blog is great and I will look forward to more tasty recipes from you.

  15. Hi Nors

    And thanks for subscribing to my blog, great to have you with me.

    Take care, Ben

  16. Your blog makes me hungry! Nice entries by the way! :). Nakakagutom!

  17. Thanks for liking my post, I hope to see more of you.
    From what it seems I have friends who are from the Philippines and they told me that Masarap means delicious.
    I agree with your blog name, it looks quite delicious.

  18. chef slash musician? hehe. I imagine nagluluto ka tapos kinakanta mo yung set mo sa restobar. 😀

  19. Hi,

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    Thanks in advance,


    • sure, not a problem…how about a “free sample” of your product so I can tell my readers/viewers what it exactly taste and look like..thanks!!

  20. Hi Nors!

    Thanks for the ‘follow’ on my blog!

    yours looks incredibly artistic and I can already tell that I might just be going into your recipes for one of my own dinners soon! Fantastic!

  21. Thank you..once you try one of the recipes. please let me know…have a great day!!

  22. Hi Nors, thanks for following my humble recently start up blog. I do like to to cook once in a while when I can the time and will def try out some recipes that you’ve kindly shared.


  23. Good day, Mr. Nors!

    I am interested on you and your delightful blog! I enjoy reading your entries time to time. And I want you to be featured on my blog {http://talonsandtealeaves.wordpress.com/}! Hope to hear something sweet from you… soon!

    Drop me a line at yourstrulyadriel@yahoo.com.

    Cheers, Adriel Dela Rosa!

  24. Adriel Dela Rosa

    so, what’s your MOST delightful recipe, Mr. Nors? I am the one who commented using the Username Adrienne Dela Rosa. I forgot that it was my sister’s. Moving on, please send me your MOST delightful recipe at yourstrulyadriel@yahoo.com to be featured on my blog {http://talonsandtealeaves.wordpress.com/}. Anyways, thanks for following my blog 🙂 ..

    Adriel 😛

  25. Nors, you inspire me every time I get a post. To try something new. To think about food in a different light. To try and be more creative. Like you!
    I hope you and your wife are doing great and just wanted to drop you a little hello and a BIG THANK YOU! I’m very lucky to have met you!

  26. kumusta bro ! I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award, please continue to inspire me ! Here’s the link : http://ylbnoel.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/speechless-but-not-wordless-many-thanks-muchas-gracias-xiexie-nin-maraming-salamat-po/. Cheers kabayan !

  27. Love the colours, Nors, and great approach to cooking! Your recipes look awesome too.
    Now which one of these is easy enough for me to try out? 🙂

  28. Princess Tan

    Dear Nors,

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  31. Hi nors–Many thanks for the like for my post about “Boardwalk Empire.” Love your blog–can’t wait to get into the kitchen and try out your recipes!

  32. i envy you! i didn’t had a chance to work in a food industry.. i knew that i have chosen the wrong degree for me.. hopefully, it’s not too late for my dreams!

  33. John Wilmer Oco

    My cholestro level is high and i stopped adding chicken and beef cubes to cook for my meal. I suspected that behind these taste enhancers are fats. I stand to be corrected and need to enjoy good taste without sacrificing health. Good tips from you will be my desert…

  34. Hi! I work for Urbanspoon, and ran across your blog while doing research for new bloggers. I tried to find an email address on the site Foodtrip…..By: Nors Vargas, to include with information for future outreach, but couldn’t find one. I may have overlooked it, and if so, my apologies. If you would be interested in learning more about Urbanspoon and our outreach, would you please send me your email address? I can be reached at meg@urbanspoon,com.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Meg Lewellyn

  35. Hello Nors,

    Glad to have found your blog! I quite sure that I will be here from time to time.
    Congrats Kabayan and Please kiponblogging!!!


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