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Gf/df Roast vegetable salad

gf df vege salad

Roast vegetble salad….. Its a very healthy salad made of different vegetables such as kumara, pumpkin, courgettes, onions, potatoes, carrots with toasted pinenuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds dressed with olive oil, lemon and balsamic vinegar. Its Our most popular salad in the cage as it is gluten and dairy free and vegan as well….. Must try!!!!

Recipe? Actually its any roast vege u want plus the ingredients i mentioned above. Cut dice or bite siZe then seasoned with salt and pepper. So easy and simple!!! Add some fresh chopped parsley and corriander and some baby spinach!!!! Accordong to yoir taste adjust by salt and pepper….

Pork Skinless Longganisa 

This is my version of pork longganisa….. Every single longganisa has its own identity and version. As i follow my own cooking rules, i always make sure that every recipe i create is compose of my 4s secret taste buds… 4s is = balance of sweet, salty, sour and spicy. So its no longer a secret as i revealed it already…. Oooops, i forget the main secret, do it with love. This is my wife and daughter breakfast for almost every single week….Now back to longganisa, its a simple minced pork with my 4s ingredients. Are you ready???? Here we go….


500 gms mince lean pork plus 100 gms mince pork with fat. 1 pc egg, salt pepper to taste, 50 gms crushed pineapples, 100 gms brown sugar, chili flakes to spice up, 1/2 cup banana ketsup. 2 tbs honey, 1/2 cup corn flour, 1 cup minced garlic…

 Yes a lot of garlic.. combine all ingredient together and place in a cling film like a sausage style. Depending on the size you wanted. You can do thick or thin sausages… Freeze overnight…Cooking?? take out sausage in cling film and place little oil in a teflon pan, seared all sides then add in 1 cup of water and simmer for 20 mins until it is thickened. Fry until sticky and sausages are starting to caramelized…then fonish with little soy sauce around 1 tbsp….. Serve hot with rice!!!! Yuiummmyyy

Chicken burger and garden salad

Just thought of sharing my boss meal. Every single day i cook different lunch meal for her. ….As we sell burger in the cafe but she doesnt want to eat carb, so decided to deconstruct it. It comes out nicely and well presented. As we need to eat with our eyes first.. Its yummy. Try my gluten free chicken burger with side garden salad…..


300 grams mince chicken, 1 pc egg, pinch garlic powder, salt and pepper, 1 small minces onions, 50gms minced red peppers, parsley, 2 tbsp gf flour…combine everything then form a patty. Then seared in a metal teflon pan with little oil. Bake for 10 mins…makes 2 or 3 patties..


Your favourite garden salad. Mesclun, cucumber, red onions, olives, feta cheese optional. Plus olive oil, lemon and salt and pepper for dreasing.

Using your imagination, plate up cooled burger and salad…topped with aoili dressing and ketsup if you wish…. Yuuum!!!

Kumara rosti with wilted spinach and roasted field mushroom in balsamic reduction and truffle oil


Tuesday is vegetarian day. And i made it gluten and dairy free……..not for me but for my boss. So every tuesday i see to it that i prepare her something new, something different off the menu. To give you an idea, i cooked different meal as lunch every single day to my big boss. Yes, 5 days a week, 20 days a month means 20 different lunch meals. Each meals become our $10 lunch special in our place……might be posting soon our selection of $10 lunch specials. . . Ok Back to the menu, i am happy to share u the recipe. Here we go……

For rosti – need some boiled kumara , onions, parsley, corriander, salt and pepper, some chilli flakes and egg.

Procedures???? No exact measurement as 70 percent is kumara and the rest will be depending on our taste buds. So might need to explore….mix all ingredients and for into a rosti around 200gms. Nocely seared with oil and bake for 5 minutes at 180 degrees

Field mushrooms – season with salt pepper balsamic and roast for 5 minutes at 180 degrees.

Wilted spinach – wilt quickly in  oan with little olive oil salt and pepper.

Now….assemble all ingredients using your imagination in a plate. Dressed with balsamic reduction and truffle oil.

Happy plating!!!!!

Banh-mi vietnamese sandwich


Latest on the menu board………just sharing one of our favourite sandwich here in the cafe. Its a grilled lemon and spicy chicken sandwich with crisp slaw salad and mango salsa made vietnamese french inspired baguette bread……. ingredients???? Using your imagination, grilled chicken with lemon salt and pepper and chili flakes until cooked. Prepare a slaw. A simple carrots and cabbage will do as this will be topped with mango, spanish onions, tomati and capsicum corriander salsa seasoned with fish sauce and sweet chili…..yum. must try

Fruit punch

fruit pounchJust sharing a classic fruit punch with apple swan….Ingredients? any fruit you want like apples, oranges, grapes, melon, strawberries. I always limit 4-5 fruits in a bowl of tropical fruit juice or simply fresh orange juice. You may add wine or some vodka, gin if you want depending on your guest needs………love it……….Did you know that those who ate the most apples had a 50 percent lower risk of developing lung cancer and people who eat two apples per day may lower their cholesterol level. ….And eating green apples lets you awake at night???? believe it or not, its up to you……happy apple eating!

Vegetarian Galettes



Just want to share the latest menu here. Its a simple claasic italian style vegetarian galettes. It is made from our homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, and any vegetables you may wish to add. I did some roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions and toasted with basil pesto and some black olives. Yummmm….

Steak on Skewers

Missed this meal!!! nors vargas

DSC_0506 …………..Just introducing one of the favourite dish back home in the Philippines. Inspired by my first proper restaurant work place, I would like to share this plate made of rump steak and alternate seasonal veggies served in a bed of rice pilaf……………..Watch out for more ala carte dishes!!!!

Ingredients and preparation:

alternate dice cuts of rump steak and courgettes and onions grilled your way! seasoned with lea perins and salt and pepper

served in rice pilaf

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Happy valentines to all!!!!

Just a simple rose carrot cake petite to say happy valentines to all my fellow bloggers and followers. Enjoy the rest of the day!!!!


Chocolate lamington


Just sharing how you can bring another life to your leftover chocolate cake…..its a simple chocolate cake rolled in ganache and shredded coconut…

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