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Coffee – Flat White

Here in New Zealand, A meal will not be finished without having a great cup of coffee or tea. So to finish our 7 course dinner, I offered our guest a wide range of beverages. From coffee, tea, red wine and sparkling wines, juices and cold waters. The picture I shown above is not made here in our house. I havent bought an espresso machine. I made it in my work place. Yes, Before I became a chef, I am a former barista. I am really proud of my coffee skills, It might not be the best in the world but I consider it as one of the greatest coffee since I will be serving this to my family and friends. The love and passion is what matters most. ………………Thank you for tuning in to our 7 course meal. Hope you had fun!!!!


  • Bunch of smile!!!
  • Do it with your utmost love and passion!!!


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