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Bibingkang Malagkit (glutinous rice cake)

My wife cooked this dish. . It’s from her grand mother original recipe and cooking method..It is so creamy & yummy that we made it twice in 2 weeks time..(usually we don’t cook twice as we share recipe on this food blog)…It is best when you have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or in your snack time….Did you know that glutinous rice ia a good source of carbohydrates and some protein. Carbohydrates – helps give you the energy you need to start and end your day in work or school. Protein is an essential nutrient because it is involved in the structure of your skin, muscles and other bodily tissues

Ingredients: (good for 6-8 persons)

  • 2 cups glutinous rice
  • 4 cups coconut milk
  • 3/4 cup sugar- brown
  • 1/2 tsp salt 


  • 1/2 cup sugar – brown
  • 3/4 cup coconut cream


  • In a pan, boil coconut milk. Add glutinous rice and salt. For 15-20 minutes, cook and stir the rice until it is tender and almost dry. Add in brown sugar and cook for 5 minutes.
  • On a pan with lined greased foil, spread the cooked rice.
  • Pre-heat oven 180 degrees.
  • For the topping, mix together the coconut cream and the sugar.
  • Pour evenly the mixture on top of the cooked rice.
  • Bake the rice for 10-15 minutes or when the top turns brown.
  • Serves 6-8 persons. Enjoy….

Sapin-sapin (Sticky rice coconut cake)

This was made by my wife..It took her lots of courage to do it. We had fun doing this recipe, . Do you know why? We are trying to translate it in English without seeking to our friend “google”, The choice was….”Top top” or ” sheet over sheet”….hahahaha…Then finally we ask our friend google!!! It’s a sticky rice coconut cake……..Did you know that by eating a bowl of glutinous or sticky rice before bedtime can put insomiacs to sleep….  Scientists have discovered that starchy rice boosts two key sleep chemicals that make you fall into a slumber faster (tryptophan and serotonin, two brain chemicals involved in sleep)

* but adding red meat or other high protein foods to the starchy rice meal could remove the sleep-enhancing benefits.


  • 750 grams glutinous rice flour
  • 500 grams semi-brown sugar
  • 500 ml coconut milk (or more)
  • 2-3 tbsp cooked mashed sweet potato (Kumara)
  • 2-3 tbsp ube yam
  • food coloring – orange & violet

 For 1st  topping:

  • grated coconut
  • 1/2 tsp brown sugar

For 2nd topping:

  • 1-1/2 cup coconut cream


  • Mix glutinous rice flour, sugar and coconut milk in a large bowl.
  • Divide the mixture in three parts in 3 separate bowls.
  • On the 1st part of the mixture, add the ube yam and put in some drops of the violet coloring, Mix well.
  • On the 2nd part, add in the mashed sweet potato and put in some drops of the orange coloring. Mix well.
  • On the third part, nothing to be added.
  • Boil water to be used for steaming.
  • Grease round pan (optional: line the greased pan with banana leaves and grease the leaves)
  • Pour the 1st mixture (ube) and spread it evenly. Cover the pan with foil or cloth then steam for 20-30 minutes till firm.
  • When cooked, put the 1st part (ube) in a round plate or tray (optional: line the plate with banana leaves)
  • On the used pan, pour the 2nd mixture (Sweet potato). Cover it and steam again for 20-30 minutes till firm.
  • When cooked, put the 2nd part (sweet potato) on top of the  cooked 1st part (ube).
  • And for the last part, pour it again in the used pan, cover and steam for 20-30 minutes till firm.
  • When cooked put the 3rd part on top of the 2nd part (sweet yam).
  • For the 1st topping (budbod), fry grated coconut in a pan ( I used desiccated coconut as a substitute) till brown and add half a tsp sugar.
  • For the 2nd topping (latik), on a pan pour 1-1/2 cup coconut cream. Wait till the latik comes out and scrape of the pan to get the latik.
  • Put the 2 toppings on top of the sapin-sapin.
  • Serves 8-10 persons. Enjoy….
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