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Red Gulaman Drink

Red gulaman…………Another refreshing drink to beat the heat this summer here in Auckland. Instead of drinking softdrinks or other soda beverages, I highly recommend this red gulaman drink. This will be our base drink as you can add fruit juices you may like such as orange squeeze, lemon juice, apple slices or even grapes and strawberries. Depending on your imagination, you can serve it in a fruit punch bowl if you place every fruit I have mention above.  It is up to you, I like my gulaman plain and my wife loves with fruit………………….Did you know that a jelly or gelatin contains lysine, an amino acid that is important for muscle growth. It would seem, then, that eating gelatin would help growing muscles, especially for athletes and those who want a more muscular build. Gelatin also contains another amino acid, arginine, which is supposed to help the body’s metabolism. A stronger metabolism means more calories are getting burned, so it’s not impossible eating some gelatin could help you lose weight. Believe it or not? It’s up to you again………..

Ingredients: makes 1 fruit punch bowl or 4 litres drink

  • 4 bars of red gulaman dissolves in 3 cups water or 4 pouches gelatin powder dissolves as per instruction of label
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar boiled in 1 cup water.
  • lots of ice
  • fruits – grapes, apples, oranges and etc – optional
  • 1 litre water


  • In a sauce pan, boil water and place gulaman bars or powder as per instructions. then transfer into a wide container or pyrex, let it cool then slice into small cube. Then transfer into a punch bowl.
  • In a small sauce pan, boil 1 cup water and brown sugar until totally sugar is dissolve. set aside and let it cool. then transfer into the fruit punch bowl
  • slice some fruits and pour into punch bowl add water and ice
  • serve cold.
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