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Restaurant Tour – Nando’s Chicken

Nandos restaurants…………The home of the peri peri chicken. This is the reason why I am just posting 5 recipe each week or I might say equivalalent to 5 different recipe as our dinner. Because every week, We are here in this restaurant (well that is a good blame for nandos). Then, I will share you next post the other “weekly routine restaurant”. If you are looking for a super spicy chicken, this is the place to be. their spices asre grade at “mild, medium, hot and extra hot peri peri sauce” I just go for the medium peri peri. It is really addictive as the wrote on their wall the “warning: peri peri sauce is very addictive”………Well, I will grade this restaurant as 5 star for me. Above photo are their grande meal which is the “free one” if you order 1 half serving of the same chicken dish. But you need to have a voucher which you can find in leading at the back of supermarket receipt. You might notice that most of the restaurant tour I posted here comes with a freebies. I hope I can be of little help to your budget by sharing this “coupons whereabouts”. It is only priced at 16.90 nzd – you get half chicken and salad and this quarter chicken free!!!

The Nandos restaurant that we always visit are located in:

Nandos Restaurant,

31B link drive, Wairau Park, North Shore, Auckland

Phone:  09-4433589


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