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Fish friday…… fish ball with soft boiled egg garden salad


Every friday, we filipino and catholics usually observed this tradition of having fish dish every friday. I would like to share my boss lunch today as I always cook for her different lunch every single day. Yes, my maths calculated that if I worked more than 2 years with her that means I already presented a dish of not less than 300 plates in a year(not 365days as I have days off-hahah)…….hmmmmm. evry single dish also becomes our special of the week…… try it….

Recipe?….. just mix of any greens you have in your fridge might be lettuce, mesculin add some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions carrots etc served smoked salmon and soft boiled egg…. dressing? Just a simple balsamic, olive oil, some chillies and hint of truffle oil…… try it!!!

What is your favourite fish friday meal?


Happy valentines day!!!!


Just want to greet everyone a very happy valentines day!!!!! Hope you had a great day!!! Yummmmm….. Our favourite nandos peri peri chickeb…..

Merry christmas to all!! Wishing you a season of blessings and good health from heaven above. Have a joyful holidays!!!! Thanks for all the support!


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