Chicken Sinangag at Itlog….this dish is a member of the “SILOG FAMILY”…to name some, we have Tapsilog,(beef), Longsilog(sausage) Hotsilog(hotdogs), daingsilog(fish) and tocilog(sweetpork)….a popular breakfast in the philippines. This is also our favorite meals during our college days. It is cheaper than having some ala carte dishes.

Did you know that Chicken legs and thighs supply more zinc than any other parts of a chicken. Zinc plays a key role in cell growth and division. In this capacity, Zinc helps your body to heal itself when you are injured.

Prep time: 5 mins / Cooking time: 10 mins/ 1 serving

In the plate:

  • 1 pc Chicken leg and thigh(seasoned with salt & pepper and little soy sauce)
  • 1 cup Garlic rice
  • 1 pc Fried egg


  • in a frying pan, deep fried chicken for 8-12 minutes or until cooked
  • Garlic rice – heal oil in a pan, place chopped garlic , a cup of cooked rice seasoned with salt
  • in  a teflon pan, fry an egg on a low heat.





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  1. i remember my boyfriend (now my husband & great cook at home) dating me….we usually eat this chicksilog at SM North….

  2. OMG! This looks so good. I would never have thought to put eggs and chicken together! Where have I been?? 🙂

  3. Hi jennifer…actually when I was a student I think almost every other day I ate this dish because it can make you feel full…..Do you know the trivia for chicken and eggs? what do you think which comes first, chicken or eggs?

  4. A perfectly cooked egg makes such perfect “instant sauce” for the other parts of a meal, and this meal has wonderful other-parts! It’s no wonder chicken makes us feel better! All that nutrition along with the incredibly delicious taste.

  5. Yahh..I agree…..I love this dish, simple yet satisfying!!

  6. You had me when i saw the fried egg…In america the only thing people think eggs are good for is breakfast, sadly. So happy to see it as a part of a regular meal!

  7. Hi. …for me i consider eggs as an all day meal… I really love eggs… Thanks

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