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Restaurant Tour – Love a Duck Chinese Restaurant

Love a duck………..This is another chinese-hongkong style restaurant here in Auckland. This restaurant offers the most tastiest roast duck in Auckland.  Whether you like your duck comes with a two or three course meal, you’ll definitely enjoy their duck style of cooking.  Again, almost all chinese-hongkong restaurant here in auckland offers a very reasonable price and a huge serving size. I remember everytime we dine here with my family, we just spend a minimum of 15 to 30 dollars only. Pictures shwon above is our favourite “roast pork on rice to a value of $9.00 only…………

They have 2 restaurant in Auckland and located at:

Love A Duck

CBD Ground Floor, 18 Beach Road,

Auckland Central, Auckland City

Love a Duck

North cote shopping center

North Shore City, Auckland


Restaurant Tour – Valentines Buffet Restaurant

Valentines Buffet……………When I first saw this restaurant, I think they are only open for valentines or they are just preparing for valentines season. As I saw this in the mid of January.  But I am wrong, the restaurant name is valentines. They offer a european buffet and there are lots of entrees to choose from. It could be your favourite pasta, pizza’s, salad, grilled dishes and even roast beef and pork carvings. Plus a bonus of bunch of oysters. (that’s my wife favourite). The lunch buffet is much cheaper than the dinner buffet. Lunch buffet is only consist of half of the menu they offer during dinner buffet. Dine on your birthday and you’ll eat here free. Just ready your driver’s license or any proof of your birthdate. mUst try!!! Lunch is priced at around 25 dollar and dinner is 32 dollar. kids are priced at 1.50 per age. …… We might dine there because tomorrow will be my wife’s birthday. Happy Birthday Lea. I love you so much!!!!

They are located at:

View road corner wairau road, glenfield, auckland

Ph: 09 444 5150

Restaurant Tour – China-Hongkong Cantonese Restaurant

One of our favourite hongkong – chinese cantonese restaurant here in Auckland. I always told my wife, of all the chinese restaurant we have been, this is the best. Aside from being the cheapest of them all, this place offer a huge serving with a very reasonable price on their menu. And best of all you can bring your own wine absolutely free. You just have to be 21 yearold and over. The interior is fair as most of cantonese restaurant doesn’t really rely on the interior facade. Do you know how much and cheap I spend when I celebrate my birthday here last two years ago? You wont believe it, for 14 people, dinner courses consisting of soup, noodles, vegetable dishes, soya chicken, pork barbeques, steamed fish and bowls of rice. Just a 100 bucks. Believe it or not? you just have to know hot to mix and match their menus………….

They are located at:
Hongkong and Chinese Cantonese Restaurant
64 Mokoia Rd
North Shore City

09-480 1168


Restaurant Tour – Food City


Last week I posted on my restaurant tour – Nandos chicken, If you will recall, The reason why I am only posting 5 recipe each week is because of the peri peri chicken which has been part of our weekly cycle menu. Today, I will be posting the other reason – The Food City in Northcote shops. My family is very addictive to this meal. Its a chinese – hongkong style roast pork with bokchoy and soy noodles. Valued at only 8.50 nzd, believe me, you can not finish the meal as it is good for sharing. So we share this meal as I add 4 pcs of honey chicken barbecue to complete a very reasonable and huge dinner. The line up of their menu is just priced at 5.00 nzd to 11.50 nzd on which you can choose a wide variety of asian – hongkong cantonese style cooking. the restaurant might not suit for special occasion as the ambience is food court. But for those family who had a tight budget and want to enjoy the same cooking in higher class restaurant. this is the place to be……………

They are located at:

Food City

Northcote shopping Center, northcote Shops

Food City has twelve outstanding food outlets on two levels:

Level 1

Curry Corner – Indian Food

Thai’d Krub

Curries & Kebabs

Saika – Japanese  Cuisine

Khun Pun – Thai Food

Jiang Nan – Chinese Cuisine

Level 2

A & P Café n Bar – Drink & Desert House

IndoPlus Foods

Britomart Japanese Food Bar

Fu-u Roast & BBQ

Malaysian Noodle Bar

Price Range: Average meal costs $5 – $12

Restaurant Tour – Nando’s Chicken

Nandos restaurants…………The home of the peri peri chicken. This is the reason why I am just posting 5 recipe each week or I might say equivalalent to 5 different recipe as our dinner. Because every week, We are here in this restaurant (well that is a good blame for nandos). Then, I will share you next post the other “weekly routine restaurant”. If you are looking for a super spicy chicken, this is the place to be. their spices asre grade at “mild, medium, hot and extra hot peri peri sauce” I just go for the medium peri peri. It is really addictive as the wrote on their wall the “warning: peri peri sauce is very addictive”………Well, I will grade this restaurant as 5 star for me. Above photo are their grande meal which is the “free one” if you order 1 half serving of the same chicken dish. But you need to have a voucher which you can find in leading at the back of supermarket receipt. You might notice that most of the restaurant tour I posted here comes with a freebies. I hope I can be of little help to your budget by sharing this “coupons whereabouts”. It is only priced at 16.90 nzd – you get half chicken and salad and this quarter chicken free!!!

The Nandos restaurant that we always visit are located in:

Nandos Restaurant,

31B link drive, Wairau Park, North Shore, Auckland

Phone:  09-4433589


Restaurant Tour – Gengy’s (mongolian buffet)

Gengy’s……………If you want to go for a Mongolian eat all you can, go for this buffet restaurant. Depending on how big your appetite is, you can choose from a wide range of meat, vegetables, desserts and sauces. You can create an asian cuisine, chinese, european and even our Filipino food. Jut don’t mix up different sauces coz you might ending up with an awful plate. Again, since I am really a wise customer, we always go there with a discount voucher. The voucher is “buy one get one half price”. The buffet is priced at 28.50 nzd. so me and my wife will cost us 43.00 dollar for two people. Not bad for a really empty stomach, Come in early and eat for 2-3 hours on dinner and you can save on breakfast the next day, because your stomach will be filled or maybe until lunch (LOL)…………

They are located at:

Phone: +64 09 480 2999
31 Northcote Road
Northcote, Auckland
Next to Takapuna Golf Club
Email: Click here for enquiry
Seating: 150 Restaurant, 150 Outside

Lunch: Only upon bookings over 20 adults

Dinner 7 days
Mon – Thu, Sun 5.30 till late
Fri, Sat 5.00 – till late

They also have branches in Manukau, Hamilton, Whangarei and Rotorua…for more details visit:

Restaurant Tour – Buffalo Restaurant (Steak House)

Buffalo Restaurant…………Everytime we had a special occasion and we are craving for steak or grilled dishes, we go here at Buffalo Restaurant. The price is very reasonable and the serving portion is huge enough to satisfy an empty stomach of a man. probably good for sharing for woman. (but not my wife-because she eat a lots-LOL)…The picture above is their 400-500g ramp steak valued at 23.00 dollar. but since we had a buy one get one voucher on which you can find at the back of supermarket receipt. I get two ramp steak for the price of one. You can also find the voucher in leading newspapers and magazines. The menu is priced from 15-25 dollar. and best of all their kid’s meal is only 12 dollar complete with a drink and a dessert. ………..

They are located at:

Buffalo Bar & Grill,

3 Northcroft St, Takapuna, North Shore. Auckland, New Zealand Phone 09-4898615


Restaurant Tour – Koreana Barbecue Buffet

Hi everyone….. Today, let us take another tour to one of our favourite place to eat here at New Zealand………….If you are craving for a “buffet of barbeque” like eat all you can, grilled all you can, this is the best restaurant for you. For a very reasonable price of 18.00 NZ Dollar per head for adults and  one dollar per age of your child, you can grill / barbeque all you can. if you are like me who love to cook by yourself, this is the place to be. Ofcourse please don’t waste food and consume only what you can eat because this restaurant is the cheapest Korean barbeque of them all. The buffet consist of several kinds of meat, whether you like it marinated or plain meat, cooked stuff like korean side dish, noodles and other dishes. The ambience is fair as I suggest you to wear your comfortable dress because after leaving the restaurant you will taste and smells like barbeque…..LOL

The name of the restaurant is KOREANA BARBEQUE BUFFET and they are located at 12 beresford St, Auckland City, NZ / Phone 09-3021221………


Restaurant Tour – Sky City’s Orbit Revolving Restaurant

Hi everyone……….There will be no recipe to share today because I will be sharing you one of the best restaurant here in Auckland. This is a fine dining restaurant which is perfect for your special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. I was invited by my brother-in-law and his family to attend his parent-in-law’s 70th birthday. I was impressed on the restaurant because it was situated on top of the Sky tower with approximately 190 meters above the ground and the dining room rotates every hour to provide you a full 360 degrees view of Auckland City…….

For more info of the restaurant please visit


Restaurant Visit – Imperial garden Yam Cha Buffet

Hello everyone. For a change, I will try to feature some of our favorite restaurant here in New Zealand. So maybe by the time you visit New Zealand you have an idea on where to go and where to find the best restaurant or even the cheapest and quality food we got here in New Zealand (We love eating to restaurant of different kind-specially from the cheapest up to the expensive ones)  So here we go, This will be the first time I will be featuring restaurant food in my blog. I hope I could be a help to you in this simple way.

If you enjoy eating chinese dimsum, damplings, siomai, noodles and many more or what the called “yam cha”, this is the place for you. For a reasonable price of 14.50 New Zealand dollar per head for adult and one dollar per head for your child, you can have all the yam cha you can eat. Of course please don’t waste the food as they are the cheapest buffet here in Auckland. Come with an empty stomach  and for sure you wont need to eat for the rest of the day. They have two sessions on lunch time. A session is compose of 1.5 hour of eating.

They are located at:

Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant
12-26 Swanson St
Auckland Central
Auckland City
09-303 4141
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